Fabric Laser Cutting for Activewear


Fabric Laser Cutting for Activewear

During exercise, less than 25% of the energy released by the body is used for muscle power, and most of the energy is converted into heat, which must be discharged from the body in time so that the body can operate effectively.

In addition to choosing breathable fabrics, the design of the perforations are also very important. The perforations are mainly on the shoulders, chest, underarms, crotch and other parts of the clothing that need to increase ventilation. The clever design of the perforations not only makes sportswear beautiful and fashion, but also comfortable and breathable.

We mainly use laser machine to cut and perforate activewear fabrics, so that the perforations can be quickly formed on the activewear, and the edges of the perforations are neat, and there will be no dragging, hanging, leaking. The use of laser punching and cutting machine can also meet the creative and individual needs of customized garment.


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