Hot air seamless bonding for Activewear


Hot air seamless bonding for Activewear

Hot air seamless bonding is a new technology in the field of clothing. Use hot melt adhesive film to connect clothing fabrics to replace the traditional sewing process. Seamless bonding is usually used on the sides of bra, waistbands, and trouser legs.

Advantages of seamless bonding:

1. It can reduce the friction between the sewing and the skin and improve the comfort.

2. The appearance will be more flat, neat and beautiful.

3. The process is simplified to a certain extent, reducing the weight of clothes.

4. With a certain structural design, it can achieve better functionality, reduce clothing pressure and improve the fitting.
The hot air seamless bonding technology makes the garment more elastic, resistant to pulling, lasting elasticity and highly comfortable. In addition, the hot air seamless bonding technology can be applied to different exquisite patterns or LOGOs, bringing different design styles to the garments.


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